They do but it’s not yet intended to be stocked over here however should you spot anything interesting on their website then we will endeavour to bring these items here for you.

If the items are in stock it is no problem to ship them out to you right away (standard UK and European Mainland shipping leads of 2-3 working days) however should we be out of stock and need to reorder from Australia you would need to factor in a wait of up to two weeks.

Yes of course, we have secured distribution rights to ship into all countries covered by the EU, EAA and EFTA treaties and we can provide individual shipping quotes for wherever you may reside.

Diversity is a great thing, and it abounds in Europe, but when it comes to the different clothing sizing conventions in different European countries it can get confusing. sizeguide.net  can help you establish which size you may need when ordering from More Than Fashion (who state the sizes in UK sizes as we are based in England) depending on which country you are visiting our page from.